Ethical Concerns for Students

It is our firm belief that [earning occurs only when learner becomes free fro-m ego and prejudices. We also believe that discipline does not mean as a matter of substitution of our ways to the students from outside by imposing power, rather it is from within the students themselves. A learned one is expected to be the leader of a society. He is expected to play the character of a role model within the society. Society has high hope and expectations on them. in this concern, AEC seriously expects high moral and ethical standard from its students.

Internal Evaluation 
All the assignment and internal evaluation of the students are taken by the concerned subject teacher. A minimum of two assessments and assignment in each subject will be held under standard norms and practices of exam system. Students are expected to submit their assignments in time. However, students will also be assessed on their disciplinary attitude, personal grooming, health and fitness, too. 

College Uniforms 
College uniform is essential for all students. Students without college uniforms are not allowed to enter the college.