Message From Chairman

Dear Guardians/Students 
In the process of developing the new Nepal, education plays a vital role. However, for the sustainable growth of country's economic and social sector, technical education will remain the backbone for development. Many Nepalese are unwillingly dragged into non-technical education because of the lack of access to technical education. In addition, due to limited institutions, which provide quality education, prospective and potential students are not able to obtain quality technical education. Once Nepal achieves peace and moves forward towards development, the demand for engineering and technical manpower will be tremendous. By realizing this fact, a team of qualified engineers, academicians and professionals have taken an initiative to establish ASIAN ENGINEERING COLLEGE (AEC) to provide engineering education to meet the growing demand of young Nepalese students who are trying for technical education and striving for a bright and prosperous future. AEC, located in the heart of Kathmandu, is well equipped with library, computer laboratory, science laboratory, technical workshop and other required logistic facilities which make it the best place to pursue engineering education. 
Finally, I would like to invite the students to join this institution assuring that they will be well taken care of not only during the regular course period but also during the counseling for higher education and further employment opportunities. This is the part of its objectives. I wish you all a successful educational journey in the ASIAN ENGINEERING COLLEGE.

Thank you! 

Prof. Dr. Govind Raj Pokharel