Asian Engineering College

To accomplish the true goal with special joint envisioned endeavors, Asian Engineering College (AEC) has now been established by a team of dynamic, dedicated, enthusiastic and well-experienced scholars, engineers, experts and prominent lecturers of 10 E, TU in the heart of Kathmandu City. AEC offers Diploma in Civil and Architecture Engineering affiliated to CTEVT (Council for Technical Education and  Vocational Training) and proposes Bachelors in Civil Engineering and Architecture Engineering (BE) programs affiliated to Tribhuvan University (TU).

Our vision is to translate AEC into a zone of knowledge for bringing academic  excellence in the discipline of engineering and technology. 


AEC has a mission to change its vision into reality and to enhance the overall personality of the students of the competitive global market in 21st century. 


AEC aims at: 

  • Imparting timely and globally Technical Education and skills.
  • Devoting to create new technology and sharing the knowledge to sharpen the entire personality of the young knowledge seekers. 
  • Producing competent and  high skilled manpower to cope with different surroundings in engineering and  technology. 
  •  Promoting the creativity, self-confidence and positive thoughts and skills in the students. 
  • Enabling students to apply engineering knowledge into pragmatic purposes boosting up socio-cultural values and moral characters in them that are essential attributes for their achievements in professional and personal lives as well. 
  • Yielding up competent and self-confident citizens to shoulder the responsibility of the nation.