AEC has a well-stocked library with wide collection of text books, reference books, online library, engineering journals, periodicals, magazines and other dailies to enhance the overall professional knowledge of students in their respective areas of specialization. 


Science Lab 
AEC is proud of having full-fledged separate labs for physics and chemistry to provide the knowledge of science and research.


AEC offers well-equipped workshop labs, consisting of all the required machine tools, instruments, accessory equipments and hand tools for ensuring the availability of adequate practical sessions in the concerned subjects. 


Engineering Lab
AEC has managed high-tech labs equipped with all modern instruments for engineering students. 


The well-furnished and spacious lecture halls with modern teaching aids accommodate limited number of students. 


Computer Lab 
The college offers a Night-tech computer lab with a reliable networking system and internet facility.


Sports Recreations 
AEC provides different indoors and our door recreational facilities and  sports to promote the physical and mental development of the students. It is assumed that such activities enhance the personal qualities like team work exercise, co-operation, tolerance and mutual understanding among the students. 


Educational Tour 
The college organizes field study visits for science and engineering students to inspire them in concerned subjects. The College assists necessary supports for transportation facility when trip is organized.